What is the medical cold chain logistic ? 2020-09-25

What is the medical cold chain logistic ?

as a branch of the logistics industry, the medical cold chain specifically refers to a systematic project from producer to user of refrigerated drug entities for the purpose of disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment of people, including its production, transportation, storage, use and other links. thanks to the increasing of the scale of pharmaceutical circulation , the development of the medical cold chain, which was originally as a supplement to the pharmaceutical circulation supply chain, has attracted more attention.

The medical cold chain is to monitor the entire process of drugs, vaccines, diagnostic reagents and related raw materials at ultra-low temperature from raw material procurement, sample collection, production, research and development, clinical trials, storage and transportation. its most fundamental feature : strict temperature and time limit control.

 most clinical specimens must be frozen at -78.5 degrees celsius (dry ice transportation) or maintained at 2-8 degrees celsius between refrigerated temperatures, or maintained at 10-30 degrees Celsius. several degrees of temperature changes can affect the integrity of the specimens.

  medical cold chain logisticsfor clinical trial products in life sciences must meet the following conditions:

  1. monitoring temperature control for the drugs, vaccines and clinical trial materials at any time; providing express service with standard time limit.

  2. enough transit sites to cover all cities across the country and the network on each site is sufficient to meet the requirements of cold chain transportation.

  3. implementation of professional packaging solutions. according to the changes of different climate zones and seasons, the requirements for packaging materials and containers are different, and the methods adopted are also different.

4, well-trained operators and online tracking of goods.